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Is Rock Paper Scissors So Fun On Mobile?


Exciting mobile rock-paper-scissors match, Hero Fighters

  • • No more complex games! Enjoy a light and thrilling game!
  • • The biggest advantage of Hero Fighters is that anyone can participate and enjoy
  • • Enjoy rock-paper-scissors in various ways, such as 1 vs 1 match, 20 vs 1 Battle Royal match

Game introduction

Enjoy a 1 vs 1 match while seeing your opponent's face in the game

  • • Can I see the face of my opponent in the game? Amazing cam play of 1 vs 1
  • • The thrill to compete for the winner with the selected cards in the given time
  • • Draw is good enough, because I'm stronger, card reinforcement system in the case of draw
  • • Get an extra bonus by beating the opponent who wins in a row! Rock-paper-scissors bounty system
  • • Pity to play just one game, play until you win again.
  • • How many streaks can you win rock-paper-scissors? Get a bonus for winning streaks!


20 people gather in a stadium to play rock, paper, scissors! 20 vs 1 Battle Royal match

  • • Be the last player of rock-paper-scissors, Enjoy Battle Royal match with rock-paper-scissors
  • • The thrill of survival at each phase
  • • Heart system that prevents you from dropping out even if you draw
  • • It's okay to lose, get an extra reward by guessing the winner! Predict Battle Royale Winner system
  • • Be the master of rock-paper-scissors, the crown given only to the last survivor
  • • Get your prizes as weekly and monthly Battle Royale ranking rewards!

Official website

• Hero Fighters YouTube official channel:

• Hero Fighters Instagram:

• Hero Fighters Facebook Page:


※ In Hero Fighters, the following access rights are required.

Required access rights

1. Allow camera access

-The permission is necessary in order to use the camera functions required to run the game.

* You can play the game even if you do not agree to the optional permission.

* After granting to access permissions, you can reset or revoke access permissions as follows.

* Minimum specification: RAM 2GB

If you click the install button of Hero Fighters, you agree to the installation of Hero Fighters.

Android 6.0 or higher

2. How to revoke by app: Device settings> Apps> Select the app> Select permissions> Grant or revoke access permission

Android under 6.0

Due to the nature of the operating system, it is impossible to revoke each access right, and only when you delete the app, you can revoke the access right.

We recommend that you upgrade the Android version.

Customer service: +63 967 277 7101


Hero Fighters 'Two Play Modes!

20 vs 1 Battle Royal Mode

Battle Royal War with 20 Heroes!

Features of Rock-Paper-Scissors Battle Royal Mode

Features of Rock-Paper-Scissors Battle Royal Mode

... Extreme tension to be the last person!
... A generous prize for the last winner!
... Fun of playing at the same time with a large number of people!
... Battle royal game to enjoy with Rock-Paper-Scissors!
... Battle royal seasonal operation (seasonal ranker's generous prizes)

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Battle Royal Fighter Mode Play Video

1 vs 1 Mode

Fun to face, My best game!

Rock-Paper-Scissors 1 vs 1 Match Mode Features

Dating a Rock-Paper-Scissors with a handsome man and woman?!

... Live cam play with new opponents every time!
... Live cam play with new opponents every time!
... Play Rock-Paper-Scissors minus one using hero cards
... Advanced psychological warfare! The tension that the heart beats!
... Fun upgrade using the card enhancement function!

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1 vs 1 Fight Mode Play Mode Video