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The game is called Hero Fighters Battle Royal. It is a game based on the classic game rock, paper, scissors (bato bato pick) which is designed for the Philippine market. The game is a prize driven type of game. Players can win different types of rewards from in-game currencies, real money and gadgets like cellphones or a tablet. From daily, weekly and monthly rankings, weekly raffles, among others, the players have a lot of chances to win these prizes.


For now, it is available to download for android users in the google play store. Coming soon to IOS.

1 VS 1

A. As the mode indicates, you will be paired up with one opponent in a head to head game of rock, paper, scissors.
B. You will keep playing until there 2 players remaining wherein you will battle it out, 1vs 1 style


A. You and 19 other players will be competing against 1 opponent
B. You have the option to reinforce you card. Reinforcing your card is like using a power up. What it does is that if you and your opponent chose the same card, and your opponent didn’t reinforce their card, you will win. ie. You both chose rock, your reinforced rock card will win against an un-reinforced rock card
C. In the event you lose, you will can still win gold coins by choosing from the surviving players


There are a lot of prizes being given away. From daily rankings, weekly rankings and raffle, S- coupon ranking and monthly rankings and raffles for both the 1vs1 and battle royal mode. Only gamers playing in the Philippines are qualified. (This promotion was available last April 26-May 24, 2021).

Weekly and Monthly Ranking

Most wins in 1 vs 1 and battle royal mode during the duration of the corresponding
Ranking event will win
     iPhone 12

Weekly Raffle

Qualification: Top 50 players (wins)
     Gold Coins (In game currency)

Monthly Raffle

Qualification: Top 100 players (wins)

S-coupon Ranking

S-coupon points earned
     Galaxy tablet A7
     Battle Royal Tickets


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    c. Announcements of winners
    d. Notices
    e. Game updates



Choose which game to play, either 1 vs 1 or battle royal mode

1 vs 1
I. Choose a (multiplier)room, x1, x5 or x10 (which will cost you the same amount of tickets depending on the multiplier room you choose)
II. It will then show you 3 cards (rock, paper, scissors)
III. From there, you will choose 2 cards you want to play
While choosing the cards to play, you will have the option to “reinforce” your card
IV. From the 2 cards you initially chose, you will then choose one card you want to play. On this screen, you will also be able to see which 2 cards your opponent chose and if they used a power up
V. Finally, it will show the results if you won or not against your opponent

Battle Royal Mode
I. You will choose which card you want to play. (rock, paper, scissors)
This will also show you the other players’ card they are planning to play
You will have the option to purchase a “heart” so that if you lose, you can still keep playing
II. If you lose, you will be eliminated from the game and go into the observation mode
In this mode, you can choose from the remaining players that you think will survive and if you chose a surviving player, you will be rewarded with gold coins
III. If you win, you will keep on winning until there is only 2 players remaining and you will battle it out 1 vs 1 style